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About C.A.R. Products

We are thrilled that you want to know more about our company. Our top priorities are superior quality products, competitive pricing, and the ability to exceed customer expectations with our products and services.

C.A.R. Products, Inc. (Complete Appearance Reconditioning Products, Inc.) is a family run, family owned business that was founded in 1969 by Harry and Ruth Goldenberg. The business is now run by their sons, Bob and Steve Goldenberg, with the support of other family members and many dedicated co-workers.

Before founding C.A.R. Products, Harry Goldenberg worked on-call 24 hours a day at a local vending service in Holyoke, Mass., repairing vending machines. Harry longed for a business that would allow him to be his own boss and give him more time with his family. A close friend of Harry's owned a car wash in Holyoke and mentioned an opportunity to purchase a car wash and detailing chemical supply business. Harry accepted and before long the Goldenbergs were the exclusive distributors for a franchise dealing primarily with automotive reconditioning supplies such as polishes, waxes, cleaners, and other detailing supplies. The business came equipped with only a van stocked with supplies and a short list of customers. They ran the business from their home garage and as sales increased, a second garage was added. Bob and Steve, Harry's two sons, would work after school, during school holidays, and on school vacations. They truly learned the business from the bottom up.

C.A.R. Products, Inc. became known for great customer service and product availability. Harry and Ruth realized that, in order to keep up with the increasing demand, they would need to move to a larger location. In 1973, the Goldenbergs leased a building in Springfield, Mass. There, new employees were added and the family business of selling auto reconditioning and detail products continued to grow.

C.A.R. Products was officially incorporated in 1977. Once again, C.A.R. Products, Inc. had outgrown its location, so Harry and Ruth purchased their first building for the company in West Springfield, Mass. Bob and Steve then came to work for the family business full time.

In 1987, the demand for the detailing products and excellent customer service provided by C.A.R. Products, Inc. had grown tremendously. Harry and Ruth welcomed a much-needed retirement. Bob and Steve then took over the entire operations of C.A.R. Products, Inc. Bob became the company's president and led the outside sales team, product development, and the administrative side of the business. Steve handled the day-to-day details of inside sales, delivery, and customer service.

In 1991, Bob saw an opportunity for C.A.R Products, Inc. to begin manufacturing their own brand of auto detailing supplies and carwash chemicals. Another opportunity came in 1999 for C.A.R. Products to manufacture their own line of auto detailing waxes, polishes, and compounds. At the same time, C.A.R. Products started to manufacture cleaners for the truck and heavy equipment industries. Ultimately C.A.R Products has become a major manufacturer of cleaners for the auto detail, carwash, and vehicle fleet industries.

Ever growing, C.A.R. Products, Inc. expanded and continued to outgrow its facility and in 2003, this family owned detailing and car wash chemical manufacturing business relocated its entire operations to our current and much larger location in Holyoke, Mass. Presently, we are a major supplier of cleaning and vehicle care solutions to the detailing, car wash, and fleet industries on the entire East Coast, with distribution moving west. We are proud to be celebrating our 44th year in business!

C.A.R. Products' philosophy is to provide our customers with superior products at competitive pricing. We believe our customers deserve the very best. Thanks to our valued employees, C.A.R. Products, Inc. is able to deliver quality products and provide customer satisfaction and confidence in our products. This dedication and perseverance is what keeps this family business thriving and successful.