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Maxpak Total Truck Wash

Maxpak Total Truck Wash (CAR-76035)


Maxpak solutions are highly active and super concentrated. Total Truck Wash is a non corrosive formulation that will remove road film, grime and grease from all truck surfaces.

Dilute 7 gallons of Maxpak Total Truck Wash with 48 gallons of water to make a concentrated 55 gal drum of detergent. Mix well.

Through the metering system of a hot or cold pressure washer dilute mixed detergent at the rate of 2-4 oz. to one gallon of water. Apply detergent from bottom to top of truck, then rinse from top to bottom.

Product color:




Available sizes:

Size Part # Price  
2-3.5 gallon CAR-76035 $188.60